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"If you're lucky enough to live in Wyoming, you're lucky enough."

This is the West. We do things in a simple, easy-going way out here, and we think that's just okay. We're a small parish in a small town in a big state. Maybe that's why we enjoy meeting new people and hearing new stories.

We know that faith is a tough sell today. We know that hope is hard to come by. We know that love will always be a challenge. But we will keep on believing. Always. Together.

If you make it out this way, feel free to join us for worship and prayer. You'll always be welcome.

mass & confession

  • Sunday Mass  ::  Sat 5 PM  ::  Sun 9 AM
  • Weekday Mass  ::  Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 8 AM
  • Confession  ::  Fri Noon  ::  Sat 3:30 PM
  • First Saturday Mass  ::  8 AM
  • Anointing of the Sick  ::  Contact the pastor.

  • Funerals & Weddings  ::  Check the calendar.


  • 01 Aug :: Training for Altar Servers. 6 PM in the church. Check here for info.
  • 15 Aug :: Assumption. Masses at 8 AM and 6 PM.
  • 15 Aug :: Parish Cookout. 7 PM at the parish hall. Check here for info.
  • 02 Sep :: Labor Day.
  • 15 Sep :: Catechetical Sunday.
  • 18 Sep :: Religious education classes begin. Check here for info.
  • 01 Nov :: All Saints. Masses at 8 AM and 6 PM.
  • 01 Dec :: Advent begins.
  • 09 Dec :: Immaculate Conception. Masses at 8 AM and 6 PM.


Food for Thought

"Relying on God has to start all over everyday, as if nothing has yet been done." --CS Lewis

Parish Cookout

Aug 15th at 7 PM in the parish hall. Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, and drinks will be provided. Bring a salad or dessert. Coordinated by the CCW and the Knights. All are welcome!

Training Session for Altar Servers

There will be a training session for all current and new altar servers on Aug 1st at 6 PM in the church. At least one parent (or grandparent) should accompany their child to the session. Altar servers must be members of St Francis Parish who have received first Holy Communion. In addition, parents must give permission for their children to serve.

Invite Someone to Mass

Summer is the perfect time to invite someone to Mass. Do you know someone who is serching for God? Do you know a Catholic who has not been to Mass in a long time? Do you know someone who is curious about the Catholic faith? Sometimes all it takes is an invitation.

"Living & Giving in Christ"

Goal: $21,983 :: Contributed: $7,657 :: Still Needed: $14,326

66th State Convention :: Wyoming Council of Catholic Women

Sep 22nd and 23rd. Ramkota Hotel, Casper WY. Contact Linda Miner at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Casper for more information (307-258-1498). Featured speaker: Cathy Holman.

from the pastor's desk

21 July 2019

"God is always speaking to us in every event in our lives. For a Christian, there's no such thing as a purely secular experience. The event may be the result of purely secular and contingent forces but it contains a religious message for us, always. Our task is to read that message." --Ron Rolheiser

I recently watched a video that featured the late Eugene Peterson, a well-known Presbyterian pastor, scholar, and author. I have a lot of respect for Eugene Peterson. I always learn something when I read him or hear him.

One thing he said in the video stood out for me: "Everything matters." Over the years, I've noticed that "spiritually advanced" people always end up saying such things. They always direct us back to the real world, and they insist that we must find God there. As Jewish commentator Dennis Prager puts it: "Faith translates itself into real life, or it's pointless."

I wonder, do we Christians too often seek to live in a "virtual world"? Do we see our faith as a means to "escape" from the hardship and tedium of real life? Do we try to use our faith as a way to avoid difficult choices or challenging morals? I think some Christians do approach their faith that way. And worse, I think some churches are steeped in that kind of harmful thinking. Strangely, it's a message that's proclaimed from many pulpits, but it's not a message you will find in the Bible.

This is a real problem, because "escapism" is not what Christianity is about. It never was. The Christian faith is all about boldly immersing ourselves in the reality of human experience, just as Jesus did. After all, we believe in the Incarnation, don't we? It's what we celebrate every Christmas. We believe the Son of God became one of us and lived a very human, mundane life, just as we do. Through his words and actions, Jesus taught us that his heavenly Father was present in every event, experience, and encounter. Jesus never tried to escape from the constraints and contingencies of this world, or from the challenges that came his way. He lived his human life intentionally and fully, meeting every impediment head-on.

If we are truly Christians, then we should aim to do the same. Can we recognize the presence of God in every situation? That should be the way we live out our years as people of faith. We should not seek to be "escapees". In fact, of all the kinds of people in the world, we Christians should stand out as the people who joyfully proclaim: "Everything matters, including the small stuff, including the hard stuff, because God is present and speaks to us through all of it."

--Fr Randy

religious education

Summer Break. Classes Will Resume on Sep 18th.


  • Elementary School :: Wed 4:00 to 5:15 PM
  • Middle & High School :: Wed 6:30 to 7:30 PM (with supper)

For Information

  • Contact Sharon Cordingly (Director of Religious Education).



  • Phone :: 307-864-2458
  • Email :: frrandy1956 at gmail dot com
  • Location :: 801 Arapahoe St, Thermopolis WY
  • Mailing Address :: PO Box 272, Thermopolis WY 82443
  • Map


  • Pastor :: Fr Randy Oswald
  • Facilities Manager & Trustee :: Dennis Weyer
  • Trustee :: John Dorman
  • Religious Education :: Sharon Cordingly
  • Bookkeeper :: Linda McCumber

minister schedule

1st Sat :: Reader: Patty O :: Communion: Wedg T, Bernie B, Pat J :: Music: Bernie B

1st Sun :: Reader: Madonna M :: Communion: John M, Sharon C, Kent C :: Music: LK Group

2nd Sat :: Reader: Bernie B :: Communion: John D, Patsy D, Connie H :: Music: Bernie B

2nd Sun :: Reader: Bob R :: Communion: Carol H, Karen V, Vol :: Music: Adam E

3rd Sat :: Reader: Bernie B :: Communion: Nancy R, Patsy D, Patty O :: Music: Bernie B

3rd Sun :: Reader: Madonna M :: Communion: Jason W, Sharon C, Kent C :: Music: LK Group

4th Sat :: Reader: Jolene E :: Communion: Sonja H, John H, Nancy R :: Music: Bernie B

4th Sun :: Reader: Sandi B :: Communion: Carol H, Lambert G, Vol :: Music: Adam E

5th Sat :: Reader: Patty O :: Communion: Pat J, Ed E, Jolene E :: Music: Bernie B

5th Sun :: Reader: Sandi B :: Communion: Carol H, Stehlin B, Vol :: Music: LK Group

  • Servers: Volunteers
  • Reader Subs: Jolene E, Brian Y
  • Communion Subs: Mary R, Lexie Y, Ed E, Jolene E, Dennis W

Revised 30 April 2019

Baptism & Marriage


  • To have your child baptized, please contact the pastor at least one month prior to your preferred baptism date.
  • A one-hour baptism class will be required of the parent(s) (or legal guardians) prior to the baptism.


  • Please contact the pastor at least six months prior to your preferred wedding date.
  • To be married at St Francis Church, at least one of the parties must be Catholic.
  • Couples must complete a program of marriage preparation prior to the wedding. Depending on the circumstances, this can take several months.
  • Important: Before any wedding plans can be made, the pastor must determine that both the bride and the groom are free to marry in the Catholic Church. No date can be set and no preparation may begin until this determination has been made.
  • If one or both of the parties was married previously, the pastor can assist with starting an annulment process. Please be aware that the annulment process can take up to a year to complete.

Our Mission

  • to love God.
  • to love others.
  • to make disciples.